My big secret!

The secret is out!!! I'm expecting my first child. 

 I have never been so excited, feeling life inside me, baby is kicking and moving hard every day. I know it sound very cliche, but I don't care. This experience is just a miracle.
I"ve been not able to post for a long time because of the "morning sickness", but in my case it was more like "all day sickness". And it was not fun, I couldn't eat or smell food, but now everything is perfectly fine, I'm enjoying the food and all what's going on with me. 

So now about fashion... It's very hard to find clothes for me, At this time I don't want to walk around stores and waste hours of endless search. But right now I don't have a choice just because I grew so big, so I just have to, and the worst part there is so little places for pregnant women to shop.

With this dress I got lucky, it fits perfectly with my growing belly. When I find something that I really like I wish I bought like ten of those. So this is one of "those" :)

Dress: Cable and Gauge, Necklace: Shourouk

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  1. Anonymous23/6/14 12:04

    Congrats! You look very beautiful


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