Summer Pastels

Summer used to be my favorite season, but now, while I'm pregnant I can't enjoy this hotness, it's too much sun, and I don't even start with the humidity, it's just killing me and my hair. Today I'm sharing my very comfy, easy, pastel outfit in my favorite tropical garden. This place is just magical, there is a fountain, castle, palm trees and very nice benches around the park. 

Very often I'm not consciously reaching pieces of cloth in pink or purple colors. But Pastels are my favorite, I just love how delicate those colors make me feel even if it's just simple T-shirt like this one from H&M, I grabbed this T-shirt just because it has a good soft breathable fabric and it's not too fitted, it's very importand for me to feel myself "free" in the hot summer day like this one was.
Despite the fact that high heels is not a great idea, I went with a comfortable thick heel from Calvin Klein, they are stable and support me well, but most of all I love the color of them.
As I said in my previous post (My Big Secret) it's very hard to find something that I will feel satisfied with my look. And so far I like my choices.

Top: H&M
Shoes: Calvin Klein,
Bracelet: Gold
Handbag: DKNY Saffiano,

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