RAW Organic Power Protein Bars

I'm not a big cook, but it all started with the wish to be healthy and as I'm expecting, I often think about my baby and how I will spoil this child :)
First of all I have started to think about healthy snacks.
I did a little research and here is my very first protein bars, small bits of heaven :)
I mixed all the ingredients in a mixer, put the mass into the baking forms and the final step is to freeze it for about an hour or 2 and this is it. Very easy and fast and most of all VERY healthy. 
Flax seed
Chia seed
Dry Cranberries
Dry roasted pumpkin seed
Chia cinnamon granola 
Rice protein
Cocoa butter
Almond milk
Chocolate chips
Garden of Life Raw Meal

I did not measured all the ingredients and put at eye level.
All the ingredients are organic
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