Shanghai Tang celebrates its 20th anniversary as the global curator of
Modern Chinese chic with a series of collaborations with a contemporary artist Jacky Tsai. The collections are centered on six artworks; 
Lotus Porcelain, Flying Tiger, Ginger Flower, Carved Dragon, Petrol Rainbow and Mix Landscape.

Inspired by the vibrant beauty of nature, the six art
pieces are filled with colourful energy of
modern China in line with the core value of Shanghai Tang. The collection and the artworks are representations of Tsai’s vision to create a unique connection between traditional Eastern
craftsmanship and contemporary Western pop art.
 Here is a short film “A
Garden of Vibrant Dreams” that will take us on a mesmerizing journey through a
series of six artworks by the talented Chinese artist Jacky Tsai. You will fall through captivating pop-art scenes that merge one into another to form a dreamlike world. The mystic spiral
made of round artworks imitate a hypnotic fall where one enters a world
within a world (mise-en-abime). Accompanied by original cinematic music
that combines sounds of the East with a modern twist, it is a truly sensory
experience that leaves the viewer with a sense of mystery.

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