A lot can happen in a year...

I'm so in love with this place, it's just like paradise to me... ocean breeze, sun, salty air and the best man next to me. 
A lot can happen in a year... I'm standing at a very same spot I was standing one year ago ( Mickey Obsession ) and practicly this time it's not just two of us on our little getaway, we are with our baby in a waiting mode. And I'm so excited to share my maternity pictures and the best part is I still can rock this idea of the  photoshoot we did last year.
What's new... Mickey Obsession never ends for me. 
I'm always looking for this cutie and thankfully always find him...

Swimsuit: H&M | Sweatshirt: Disney | Sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana DG 4124/S

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