Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan in Glamour & Talk ’50 Shades of Grey’

With the film release just around the corner, “50 Shades of Grey” leads, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, land the March 2015 cover from Glamour Magazine...
Photographed by Steven Pan, the actors get up close and personal in the steamy shoot. In the issue, they talk about their roles where they had to become Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.
Dakota says about the BDSM elements of the role, “I didn’t go to the sex dungeon. I wanted to keep myself distanced from it at first because I wanted Ana’s reaction to certain things to be completely honest and real, like new. But I did do a lot of reading about the culture of BDSM. It’s about the ebb and flow of control between two people. To me, there’s something really honest in wanting to completely give up control for just a second.”

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