Love Child

Today is a special day in our family: our love child is 5 months old.
Every month on 20th we trying to celebrate this date. It truly was the best 5 months and I know I'm telling it every month or every day with my love but it really is. I can't even describe how happy this boy makes us feel.
Aiden's milestones:
He smiles, laughs, and has babbling conversations with us,
 he's on the move, he can roll to his tummy and back again,
sit with our help, and support his weight with his legs well enough to bounce when we hold him. 
He can hold toys and move them from one hand to another.
 He can see farther and love bright colored toys.
 If we move a toy in front of him, he'll follow it closely with her eyes.
Watching himself in a mirror is a favorite thing.
He enjoys playtime and new favorite thing is crawling. 
Breastmilk still the only food he is getting and loving it.

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