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5 months
Mommy Fav

 Stokke 'Xplory®' Stroller - V4 / Baby Einstein Jumper Neighborhood Friends / Designer Baby Carrier / Infantino Puppet Grow-with-Me Gym / On The Go Musical Crib Mobile, Child of Mine by Carter's / Electric Breast Pump / Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Explorer Walker / Receiving Blankets / Honest Organic Healing Balm Soothing & Moisturizing Ointment /

It's time to share my first mommy favorites. it's been 8 months since my Aiden was born, and as we don't have our family around to help us, all I know now is 100% learn on our on. 
So the first and for me most important for the first two months were the brest pump and to pair with it healing balm and receiving blankets. Ok now I need to explain it: from second day often baby born my milk has come, and there was a lot of it, Aiden couldn't eat it all, and there was a lot of milk all over his face and my clothes (not to get into details it was unpleasant, be always sticky and wet) so I used those blankets to soak all my milk. And healing balm helped with nipple sensitivity.
When I started to write this post Aiden was 5 months, so I never finished it because I started working( thankfully at home) but still it takes a lot of time, It's been crazy I'm trying to do my best so Aiden always feel my presence. 
Back to my favorites! The best investments were our super useful and beautiful the one and only Stokke Xplory :) Such an amazing stroller, I was dreaming of this stroller since then I found out I was pregnant. It so high, I don't even need to reach out and it helping my back (even though I do exercise with weight). And the design of it it's just ahh...  people at the streets are stopping and asking where did we get this spaceship :) It's not cheap at all but it definitely worth it.

And the other found is our super cute ErgoBaby in limited edition White winter, so worm and cozy.
Now when Aiden is 8 month ( why so fast...) and he is trying to walk and wants to be so independent I could tell that baby walker and jumper were very helpful. 

Mobile is not so good to use as a mobile in a crib. I'm using it as a toys in his crib, just took those toys off of the sticks and when he is awaking he can sit still and play with the cars (but he doesn't like the helicopter, he throwing it on the floor and I keep putting it back to see if he changes his mind)
There is a lot to share and to show I still want to record fitness video and maybe it would help to get in shape some of the moms out there.

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