California Dreams

(San Diego, CA)

 Recently we've been visiting a beautiful state of California and took a lot of mesmerizing pictures, here is a tiny piece of it. If you following me on Instagram (@lablondeb) if not you should :-) I've been posting a lot of them already. The place we discovered in our trip is El Matador State Beach located in Malibu next to Zuma Beach (also very beautiful beach). It's a small beach, mostly private,   but how gorgeous. There was a lot of photographers, people who brought with them their music and dancing and filming all of their actions, people who were just enjoying the beauty of nature, and there were we both enjoying the beautiful sunset, taking  pictures and filming a video :)
My super photographer was able to take all of those pictures with a baby in his chest (Our baby Aiden was in Ergobaby basically glued to his daddy)

P.S. Today I'm writing my post knowing that every day I look into the series of these pictures I will find more of them to edit and post, but it will take time to look at them with the fresh eye and see the beauty that I did not see right now. 


  1. Stunning photos! I love the dress, you look amazing xx



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